QPSHOME is a new generation company, founded in 2016 and specializing in the production and marketing of home textile articles to international qualified home textile importers and wholesalers.

The company was born and has become a successful company thanks to the entrepreneurial experience, care and passion of our team, who, designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of decorative fabrics, sheers and ready-made products.

Quality, Price, Service

It has been founded on the basis and initials of Quality, Price and Service terms. We believe that textile is a service sector more than production. Our team has a worldwide taste and experience in designing and follows the latest home textile trends and developments in the sector.

Since its foundation QPSHOME has aimed for excellence; its target is a medium-high-end market, where it proposes extremely refined linens and ready-mades, a true embodiment of a trendy lifestyle and impeccable class.